Wednesday, May 28, 2008

So now that it is 4:10 AM

Phillip and I just got a new bed! We are so excited! It is mondo sized which is wonderful. I was pumped about diving into it tonight, which I did. But now here I am (I have been here since 3:00). Why? Well the lovely pesto sauce that I had earlier tonight at Black Walnut cafe has gifted me with heartburn... thank you pregnancy. So I have been updating our blog. Phillip and Django are still enjoying the new bed. Here is a picture I took earlier this evening of my sleepy guys.

Monday, May 26, 2008


Phillip and I just got back from our last trip as non-parent folk.  We went to this amazing wonderland called Houston.  We never really go to Houston, which is silly really, so we decided that needed to change.  
On Friday headed downtown to take Will to his first baseball game (but not before Phillip put in some quality time at the flying saucer tasting local IPAs).  It was a really great game.  I have to admit that I broke the no Nitrates rule and ate a hot dog, but hey it wasn't a foot long, and my doc said that the occasional preservative was no biggie.  

We stayed at the Inn at the Ballpark and are now and forever spoiled by the convenience of walking across the street to go home for the night.  It is a great hotel and yes, we swiped all of the Aveda goodies from the room!
We spent Saturday morning at the zoo.  Phillip and I were members of the Memphis zoo when we lived there and have missed it terribly.  We had a great time ooing and ahhing with all of the other kids there.  Here are a couple of pictures of the baby giraffes.

The monkeys were great, but their area was also home to thousands of nesting birds... which lead to the inevidible... but it was Phillip who became their target, not me (um we don't have a picture of the poo, just me pointing at all of the nests.)

Here are some other fun zoo pictures.  My favorite is the one that Phillip took of me resting by the trash can (no I am not leaning against the trash can, that would be gross).  It was so hot and flipflops are not the best things for a prego woman to wear, so I learned.

bug vision

We had lunch in the Heights at Onion Creek, a really neat place with lots of character. I loved the place. Phillip was ready to pack up and move into the neighborhood.  We stayed at Hotel Derek in the galleria area, which was very posh with that cool minimalist flair.  We ate a great dinner at the Backstreet cafe.
We were supposed to go to Kemah (I don't really know how that is spelled and I am too tired to look it up) on Sunday but we woke up to rain.  We caught breakfast at the Buffalo grill and then headed to Katy Mills mall to watch a movie (I know, seems random).  I was pretty delighted to see this new ad for HSM the movie and I couldn't miss the opportunity to get my picture snapped with Troy, Gabriella, and the gang! (It is a long running joke... too long).  

We cheered through Indiana Jones then ate a late lunch at the Rainforest cafe, which we think Will appreciated.  We are trying to check out places that we think he will like, you know get a jump start on this whole "mom and dad" thing.
We had lots of fun on our "staycation," I highly recommend the city of Houston to anyone looking to make a weekend getaway!

A night at Market Street

Last Thursday Phillip and I met the McKowns and the Hills at Market Street to hang out and listen to the band.  We had a blast and the music was really good.  We were sad to find out that it was going to be the last of the concert series.  Next year we will have to be more on top of things. It kind of felt like being in Branson though, meaning that I don't think we were quite old enough to join the seasoned crowd that littered the lawn.  Oh well.  The only pictures we have of the night are of Casey demonstrating his Yoga moves.  Well, there was one other picture of the group, but it isn't so flattering, and since I am writing this blog, I get to decide what pictures make the cut and what pictures don't, so without further ado, I present Casey McKown, Yoga King.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


A couple of weeks ago I had a surprise shower given by some folks at church. Thanks Eric and Sheryl for putting this together! And thanks Planet56 families, your generosity is astounding. Unfortunately Phillip couldn't make it! He was on a plane to Colorado for work! He was bummed to miss the festivities. Of course he was in on it the whole time... sneaky guy.

Here are a couple of pics.

Surprise! (yea, I cried like a dork)

Cute decorations (very blue of course).
Crazy Interns!

Uncle John and the mondo bump.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

The big brother

Well, whenever I read other people's blogs it seems there always comes a point when people like to post "remember when" sorts of things.  Like whenever anniversaries roll around people post pictures from the wedding or honeymoons, you know, things like that.  Well whenever Spring rolls around I can't help but flash back to the day when we brought home our first child four years ago (well, technically not our first child.  Our first child would have been a chia pet, then we moved onto 3 fish.  One of the fish ate the other two so we had sort of a love/ hate relationship with him.  When we moved back to TX from Memphis we willed him to our friend Jen, who called us one day to let us know that Bart (Black Bart the pirate... the fish) had somehow blown up while she was out of town, we weren't too upset seeing that Bart was in fact evil).
But really, the first addition to our family of two was Django the gypsy (also known as Django Carl, the middle name that we all seem to share) Ragain, our beloved Wesite guy.  I feel we owe Django a little something since his quiet little world is about to be rocked, so here is a little history of our favorite little guy.