Thursday, February 21, 2008


So I am an addict. I cannot get enough sour candy, gum, fruit... Sour is my thing. Some of my friends predicted that I was having a boy because of this new passion for sour. So does this mean that boys aren't sweet? Yikes. I have been throwing back cry-babies and sour patch kids like you wouldn't believe. I picked out all of the small blueberries and avoided the plump soft ones. I even ate a lemon the other day... A LEMON! I think the enamel on my teeth is melting away, but I can't stop! My tongue is burning as I write this because of all of the sour gum I just ate. Crazy cravings! I am spiraling out of control!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Will Ragain

So now we know that this thing swimming inside of me is a boy! We are beyond thrilled (well, I think I would have said the same thing if we had pink news instead of blue) So here are some belly pictures. They are taken in Will's room. While Kim and I were cruising, Phillip started getting his room ready (well, we didn't know that it was "his" at the time). So far only one wall is painted, but now that we know to expect a little man, we can finish it.


A couple of weeks ago my dear friend Kim and I went on a cruise! See our husbands sent us away on what we like to call a babymoon (Kim is due in May).

The trip was hilarious! We did some of the best people watching you can imagine! Some highlights were: (besides the normal snorkeling, sunbathing, food and frozen drinks...well non-alcoholic frozen drinks that is).

-We almost saw a fight between a drunk 30 something girl and and 80+ year old woman in a wheel chair.

-Our neighbors brawled nightly. I think they started the trip as a couple, but I am not sure it ended well.

-Our dining table situation was entirely interesting! We sat with the most odd group of friends. Two gay guys (not a couple) and a woman. They worked together for a company that puts theme cruises together. One of the guys was such a diva! We were highly entertained!

All in all it was an amazingly fun adventure! I think we just laughed the whole time!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Long Overdue

Well, our first post since our Spain adventure! Where do I begin? I guess I can't write everything because... really who would want to read all of that? So I will stick to the highlights.

Last June we closed on a house. We couldn't be happier.

Phillip is consulting.

Jen is playing with 5th and 6th graders.

Django is learning new tricks. He can now speak and whisper.

Phillip and Jen are accepting their impending parent-dom (due July 25th).

So... I think that gives you a basic idea of what is going on. I promise pictures soon and more tids and bits of our always interesting life.